Easy transfers for text, or anything really!

My previous post was about the puzzle I am making for my little man. I thought I would share with you the technique I used to transfer the picture to the wood to ensure I didn’t mess it up. It is also something I use all the time when I want to have some sort of pretty font or picture on something (mainly the mugs I make). It comes in handy seeing as I am not one to freehand fonts, even my regular day to day printing is not all that pretty, and when it comes to drawing out something, I tend to draw, erase, draw erase and repeat. So let’s get to it!


I first drew out what I wanted to have on the puzzle. Monkey loves Cars and especially Tow Mater, so naturally that is what I drew out for him.

Drawing of Tow MaterNow you want to grab whatever it is you are going to be transferring this on to, as well as a sharpie and some tape.



Now, tape the paper into position for where you want the image or font to be on your project. For this one I am placing it dead center, and yes the paper is smaller than the puzzle, but I was just extending the fence and road etc. No other big changes. Once everything is in place, simply go over your lines with the sharpie. Mine was dying so I ended up going over them a few times, and eventually switching to using a pink sharpie instead.

Trace over lines

Trace over lines


You can always lift up the page to check your progress, it only leaves a faint line, if you want it darker, go over the lines a few more times.

IMG_0984It is hard to tell in this picture how well it turned out, like I said mine was running dry, but going over a couple times made it darker. From here simply continue along until all of your image or font is transferred over, and then simply paint it all in the way you want. Since it is only a faint line that appears it is easily concealed by the paint. 






Valentines day is approaching…for some…

It feels like it is too soon to mention after christmas, but valentines day is approaching. Now for me, it used to be the usual wishy washy, lovey dovey time of year filled with red and pink and lots of chocolate and flowers. But in 2011 that all changed when at 3:00 Am on February 13 my little monkey arrived, forever being my valentine.
So yes it is approaching and no I am not crafting up a storm in order to bust out the valentines and decorations, but instead I am creating some very special presents for my soon to be 3 year old. My oh my has the time seriously flown right by me!
I have already given you guys a sneak peak into what I was planning for the keepsake box, which by the way was put on hold and still sits in my garage mentally preparing for its date with a sander, but I thought I would share this next project that took its place in the priority line.
You see my monkey man loves puzzles. And when I say he loves them I think it is quite an understatement as he can spend all day laying on the floor doing them and won’t even budge. But as you know I have responsibility of the crafting aisle at work and when this came in I had to snatch it up. Although I wish I would have taken a picture before I started to draw on it.
It is a wooden tile board, 9 pieces that are square. Its original purpose is for decoration and organization but all I saw was P-U-Z-Z-L-E written all over it!
So upon getting home with it I proceeded to draw out his second favorite thing, Mater from the movie Cars.
Now slowly but surely it is all coming together. I am not used to painting with detail so thank goodness it is a cartoon, but I thought I would show you where it is at right now.

Yes it is sideways, better pictures to come when my computer decides to cooperate with me to load from my camera. As well as some tips and tricks I have learned and use quite frequently with my crafting.

So for now this is it my fellow crafters and I shall update you more *fingers crossed* tomorrow.

Treble treble treble

Ive been working a lot lately with single and double crochet stitches. Of course, seeing as they are the main ones used in virtually everything you crochet. But I was bored, and I decided I wanted to give another go at trying to figure out how to create a cross over look. I was first inspired by Bellas’ mittens in the movie twilight, but naturally they are a knit pattern and of course I cannot knit.

It just doesnt work. I can dream up various things and stretch my imagination to turn toilet paper rolls into wall art, but I can’t wrap my head around working two needles instead of one? What’s up with that?

So anyways, I finally figured it out! I think it would look better with a chunky yarn and bigger gauge but just working with what I had at the moment. But I think it will look great on a pair of mittens and a headband!

Cheers to progress!

Creativity is not the finding of a thing, but the making something out of it after it’s found — James Russell Lowell

I seem to be out of my creativity rut. I was at the weekly playgroup with m little monkey when he looked at me and yelled “Mum! Lets do clabs!” (his way of saying crafts, which I can’t get over how adorable it sounds) And so we went to the craft table. I always let him do his own thing, put glue where he tells me and just watch in amazement at how his little mind works. Well doesn’t he go to the buckets filled with all the supplies and brings back a brown lunch bag, come shapes and pom poms, and says make a puppet! All big smiles and wild excitement in his eyes. That is the passion and creativity I’ve been looking for. So with tons of laughs and giggles, gluing and placing, he produced this puppet. Places it on his hand and starts talking to me through what he now has dubbed “Mr. Puppet”

Mr. Puppet

Upon returning home, I came to realize that I have a lot, and I mean A LOT of creations he has made. Either stuck to the fridge or in a basket somewhere. And with part of my resolution being to stay organized it clicked. He needs a keepsake box. I had one, still have mine from when I was little. Now, it’s not like I didn’t have anything put together or saved from the last 3 years, I have a big tote with multiple things. But this one should be for what he holds near and dear to his heart and can keep updated himself. Nothing huge, not too small, but needs to be big enough to hold more than 5 little trinkets.

So at work today I was filling in the wood sections. Where all the wood boxes and bird houses etc that you paint yourself are. I looked at all the boxes and they were just too small. I was beginning to get frustrated and was starting to think of different solutions. Perhaps I can just make one from a cardboard box? No, it won’t last. Needs to be something sturdy. Maybe just use a plastic bin and decorate it? Nah, might be too tacky looking. It needs to be special. Something he can look at when he is older and hold it even closer to his heart because Mom decorated it and made it just for him.

After work I had some time to kill while waiting for my ride home, so I decided to check out the thrift store. Maybe I’ll find something there. Not anything specific, never look for specifics when you go to a thrift store, it is impossible! I always look through the kitchen and home decor area first. It’s right there when you walk in and there are usually some pretty interesting things there that spark my interest to see what I can make or re-purpose out of them. Mason jars, spice racks, frames etc, all the usual stuff. But then, there it is. Sitting all on its lonesome between some wicker baskets and no one has scooped it up! This box is beautiful the way it is and I would use it on my own like this, it seems kind of sad to think I am going to sand the hell out of it and make it into something comepletely new. But oh what a task this is going to be and I can’t wait to get it started!




I really can’t wait and I will be sure to post the before and after photos.

So here’s to getting back in the groove!


Feeling lost…

Oh the weather outside is frightful… No seriously, it’s frightful out there and I just don’t want to go out there. But sadly I have to on a daily basis to get to and from work, and since I don’t drive it makes the commute even worse. For those of you who don’t know, here in southern Ontario and many parts of Canada and the USA, we were in quite a bit of a cold snap, making todays high of -10 C a nice break from the -29 C. Not only did we get the cold snap, we got a full on polar vortex which in turn launched a viral video war of people tossing freshly boiled kettles of water in the air to watch the water instantly turn into mist. It’s pretty awesome and I am quite sad that I didn’t try it, but it came and went and came and went again, and when it went it brought in tons, and I mean TONS of snow. Here, have a look at my driveway after a few days of this white fluffy stuff.



It has been a pain in the butt keeping up with it, considering that there are several layers of ice throughout it making it difficult to shovel. After the last dumping we had, I ended up out there shoveling for about an hour and because the plow had come by it made it worse. Thus causing me a lot of pain in my shoulders, which have had multiple injuries to them. Seems I need to invest in a snow blower to make my life easier. But now I am just rambling. The real reason for this post is my lack of inspiration these last few days.

After picking up my needles and yarn and working out this amazing infinity scarf, which by the way is finished! WOOT! (Pictures to follow) I sat and looked around and for once did not have any clue what I wanted to get my hands into next. So not only am I sore but I am sitting idly at home re-watching Breaking Bad. I needed to get back on my resolution to stay organized and to get back to being creative and get things going with my shop again.

So I returned to work, which by the way is a dollar store, and began looking at all the stock in my section. Now here’s the thing, I take care of the stationary, frames, artificial flowers and of course, the craft section. This could always be a bad thing. I get first look at all the new stock, and ideas were usually running through my head like no tomorrow. But not today. Today I stood and pondered what I could do and still came up empty. Until I found this…

CAM01230Sorry the image is sideways, the downside to using my phone to take pictures. (I do need to use my actual camera more often) This book is amazing, and it has spiked some very good inspiration. With sections for the home, seasonal, knitting and crochet and much much more I couldn’t go wrong for only $3! So tonight i will sit and flip through this lovely find and figure out where I go from here.

So please, tell me my fellow crafters and shop owners alike, where do you draw your inspiration from? Where do you turn to in times like this when you are at a black in the road? I would love to hear them!


–Now as promised the finished product–



I think I may whip a few of these up for the shop next winter!




Creativity never goes out of style

Last post I apologized for my absence and lack of creativity. Not minutes after I picked up a ball of yarn and a size G crochet needle, threw on the first season of Breaking Bad and just started going. With only one idea in my head, an infinity scarf, I began. Now most time I like to think it through, what do I want this to look like? What pattern am I going to use? But not this time. I know it goes against my resolution to stay organized but since when is creativity organized?
So on I go, single stitch here, double stitch there, tear it out I don’t like that. Maybe do this a little different. A little while later here I am with this..

It’s looking pretty good no? So I continued on like this throughout the day and on through today, not really paying attention to where I was at. Next thing I know I am out of yarn and the scarf is no where near finished, only about 1/3 of the length I want it to be. But it gave me a chance to sit back and admire what I have been missing in my absence of creativity.

I am in love with how this is turning out! And without having to fuss and stress over how it will turn out, I just went with it and let myself be who I am and do what I love. Not to mention that the background turn out with the “wolf tooth” look is striking up new patterns in my mind.
So all it takes is one ball of yarn to get the ball rolling on to bigger and better things. So where will your creativity lead you? Take this opportunity to challenge yourself.
Sit down, take out your preferred medium, be it paint, yarn and needles, sketch pad and pencil, or hell even crayons and construction paper.
Leave your ideas behind and just do what you love, no thought about it, just let it flow!
I would love to hear back and see what you come up with!

My Apologies

I am told that every blogger has to, at least once, take an unannounced leave of absence and return with a big post apologizing. Well, here is mine. Due to some family matters that needed to be taken care of, I simply just dwindled off from my crafting and crocheting. My Etsy store went dry and I stopped blogging. Even my craft cabinet began to gather dust. I simply did not have the motivation to create and write.

Throughout the recent holidays though, I started noticing that my soon to be 3 year old is getting right into crafting and creating things and he just loves it! So for Christmas Santa brought him a huge craft bucket. We spent hours gluing and sticking and cutting, and I just had to sit back and think. I enjoy this, and my son enjoys this, why on earth did I stop? So I retreated to my Pinterest account for some inspiration, as I tend to do, and while searching I grabbed some yarn and crochet needles and just got started again.

So with it being the New Year and 2014 is going to be a better year for me, I have decided to make my new years resolution simple. Stay inspired and get organized! I have many ideas for this year both for myself and for Etsy to get my shop going again and I promise to bring you a daily dose, if not twice weekly dose, of updates, fun ideas and of course inspiration for yourself!