Easy transfers for text, or anything really!

My previous post was about the puzzle I am making for my little man. I thought I would share with you the technique I used to transfer the picture to the wood to ensure I didn’t mess it up. It is also something I use all the time when I want to have some sort of pretty font or picture on something (mainly the mugs I make). It comes in handy seeing as I am not one to freehand fonts, even my regular day to day printing is not all that pretty, and when it comes to drawing out something, I tend to draw, erase, draw erase and repeat. So let’s get to it!


I first drew out what I wanted to have on the puzzle. Monkey loves Cars and especially Tow Mater, so naturally that is what I drew out for him.

Drawing of Tow MaterNow you want to grab whatever it is you are going to be transferring this on to, as well as a sharpie and some tape.



Now, tape the paper into position for where you want the image or font to be on your project. For this one I am placing it dead center, and yes the paper is smaller than the puzzle, but I was just extending the fence and road etc. No other big changes. Once everything is in place, simply go over your lines with the sharpie. Mine was dying so I ended up going over them a few times, and eventually switching to using a pink sharpie instead.

Trace over lines

Trace over lines


You can always lift up the page to check your progress, it only leaves a faint line, if you want it darker, go over the lines a few more times.

IMG_0984It is hard to tell in this picture how well it turned out, like I said mine was running dry, but going over a couple times made it darker. From here simply continue along until all of your image or font is transferred over, and then simply paint it all in the way you want. Since it is only a faint line that appears it is easily concealed by the paint. 






DIY Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art


Yes, you read it right. This wall art is made from empty toilet paper rolls! This post has been a long time coming, but it took a little time to gather all the rolls needed and find a little time to get it finished.

What you will need:

  • empty toilet paper rolls (depending on the size of what you are making depends on the amount you will need.)
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • black matte paint
  • frame

CAM00225Now let’s get to it! Gather your toilet paper rolls and scissors. For the width of each strip you can measure if you like and make them even, I just figured 6 strips out of each roll and guessed.


Now take your toilet paper roll and crush it in half and start cutting! This will make the petal decals, or the oval shapes


(Sorry about the flash in the next few pictures) To make the curls, shown on the right here, do not crush the roll, simply cut it in half, length wise and cut out the strips and they will resemble a cut hoop. You can then roll them tighter to curl the way you want them to.

For mine I was aiming for a wrought iron look, with the flowers and curls. So now we put our creativeness and imagination into action and start to layout our design before we begin gluing it all together.


My craft mat coincidentally is the plastic cover for the frame I am using for this project so it was the perfect size to judge by. Otherwise you can either measure your frame, or you can simply lay it out in the frame itself. (Again the flash in these pictures, the mat is the culprit)

**At this point you can also paint each individual petal if you would like and just touch up after gluing it together. I began doing this but it just seemed to be taking too long and I wanted to get it started.


Now GLUE GLUE GLUE! Don’t forget to ensure there are a few decals glued to the frame. This will help ensure it is steady enough to hold its own weight once its hung up on the wall.


Once everything is glued on you can begin painting. Again we are going for the wrought iron look so I am using a matte black paint. I ran out of black spray paint while doing the cork board tutorial so I had to hand paint it all, takes a lot of time, but still as effective.


Now that you wall art is all painted and dried, find the perfect place for it and hang it up!


Mine is to become the center of a photo area on my walls.

So my fellow creators and crafters, get creative and do what we do best and craft your hearts out and put the creative minds to work to spruce up your walls for almost nothing!


Snazzing up the filing cabinet

So today is clean up day, trying to organize my room and craft supplies as they seem to have taken over my entire room. Laying on tables, in their proper place in drawers etc… So in the midst of cleaning up I also ended up cleaning up the filing cabinet as well. Now, my cabinet was passed around from my mother to my sister and eventually to me. There is a dent in the bottom drawer that prevents it from closing properly but it still does the job and works just fine. But it was just a flat scratched up black. In the midst of cleaning as well I found a roll of contact paper. Put two and two together and what do you get? A snazzy new looking filing cabinet! YAY!








So on the left we have the “Before Picture” I forgot to take an official before picture but only one drawer was done so it’s pretty much completely undone.

On the right we have the “After Picture” I think it looks much much better! Although the dent is still there, it is at lest a bit more tolerable and not much of an eye sore.




So here is what you will need:

  • Filing cabinet
  • Contact paper
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Scissors or X-Acto knife

Measure each drawer dimensions and match on the contact paper

Mark out each drawer and cut out

The tricky part is the handle, for this I measured the drawer to the top of the handle, as well as from each side to the ends of the handles to get the height and width of the handle. I drew out a rectangle and cut along the top and sides of the handle so there is something like a flap.

Without peeling off the back of the contact paper, fit the flap over the handle to ensure it fits and no adjustments need to be made. From here, I marked the inside of the handle.

Taking off the contact paper i cut out the squares to fit the handle without having the black show through in between the handle.

It looked something like this

CAM00379From here peel off a portion of the contact paper, I found it easier to start from top to bottom.

Slowly peeling off the back and gently pressing along the filing cabinet in case adjustments need to be made. Once it fits how you want it, take a card and smooth out all the little bubbles that remain.

You may need to do some trimming on the sides for over hang, or simply fold them over to the sides.

And there we have it! A simple upgrade in about 15 minutes!



Fun With Sharpies


Today is just another Tuesday, and while I am injured due to a fall down my stairs, I am still crafting! Being stuck in bed sucks, and with limited motions I needed to find something that was quick but entertaining to fill a bit of time while I lay in bed. I have seen this craft pop up on Pinterest numerous amounts of time and kept telling myself that I would try it. I just never had a reason. Well, yet again I bring up Easter. It is right around the corner and I needed something to fill up the baskets I am putting together for my parents and my sons other grandparents for helping me out.

I had already picked up some mugs from the dollar store when I first came across this, hoping to find something to put them to use. I pulled out the stash of sharpies and scanned through fonts to find the perfect one for the header on each mug. Traced out each word for Grandma and Grandpa and went to it.

By far the trickiest thing was trying to figure out how to transfer the words from paper onto the mug without having to do some intricate cutting. *Tip* Place the paper on the mug how you want it positioned, traced over the words or design on the paper with your sharpie. Enough of the ink will seep through and leave a faint look of what you are wanting on the mug. Just fill it in after removing the paper**

After you are done you art work on a mug simply place it in the oven turn up the heat to 350 and leave for 30 mins. I suggest leaving it in the oven until it is fully cooled.

And VOILA! Awesome personalized mugs ready for the Easter baskets!


These are awesome and cheap ways to put something together for many occasions. I think this might become a regular craft to include in baskets or gifts. I’m sure it would work out great on plates, bowls and other dinnerware or vases as well.



Upcycled Wine Corks – Corkboard

Feb27 621

We drink it to relax after a long tense day, we drink it to celebrate a reunion or beginning of a union, we sip it, we gulp it, we cook it. You know what I’m talking about! WINE! Red, white, old and new, no matter your preference I am sure you are all to familiar with these little things that are a pain to get out of the bottle if you don’t have the right tools.

But when you have opened the bottle and poured the wine into the nice decanter you were given who knows how long ago, what do we do with the corks? Throw them away? Save them for a rainy day, where they end up bagged and hidden in the catch-all drawer or in a dingy box in the damp dark cellar. Well… now you can pull out those bags of corks and upcycle them into something new, something useful and creative! And I’m about to show you how!

What you will need:

  • Corks, and lots of them! (If you don’t have enough make a post on your local Freecycle board and I’m sure someone else will be happy to help you out! It’s where I got mine from 🙂 )
  • An old frame of any size (just remember, the bigger the frame the more corks you will need)
  • Glue gun
  • Exacto knife


Sounds pretty simple eh? (Yes I just said eh… yes… I am a Canadian through and through) Well it is! So let’s get started.

I am using a small 8×10 frame, which I found at one of my favorite craft shops… THE THRIFT STORE!

It used to be just plain light brown wood, I spruced it up with a little black acrylic paint


I took some sand paper to it to make it look distressed. I just like the look of rustic distressed wood.

Replace the backing of the frame, without the glass.

Now gather your corks and figure out a pattern!

CAM00244 Feb27 623

Here is a couple different patterns, I am using the one on the right. (The frame in these pictures is different, I am planning on adding these to my Etsy shop and this frame is going to be wonderful to use as a model)

Now that you have figured out how you want your cork board to look, get gluing!

Try to make them as close as possible, depending on the pattern you are using and the size of your corks you may have to cut them. I used an exacto knife for this, strong scissors might do just the same, but I figured I would save my hands.


Once everything is all glued down, cut away the remaining stringy areas that get left behind by the glue gun. Then hang it, stand it, put magnets on the back and put it on the fridge. Display it anywhere you wish in any fashion. But enjoy your quick and easy creation on a daily basis!

CAM00269 CAM00270


Kusudama Flower Tutorial

CAM00256This Kusudama Flower comes inspired by a woman who I had worked with for years, but had not had the chance to get to know until a few months before she left on maternity leave. Working in a call center we are constantly trying to find things that will occupy our hands, and pass the time in between taking calls and especially on the slow nights. She would sit at her desk and fold paper for hours on end. I soon found out that, not only did she do this to pass time, but she had her own little business where she would make bouquets out of these neat and cute little flowers, and sell them as center pieces or wedding bouquets! They can make a wonderful arrangement and can be made to match any theme from baby shower (boy or girl) to weddings, to even just a birthday! With a creative mind I even learned how to make them and made a Christmas wreath out of these bad boys!

So now I bring to you this tutorial on how to fold them. It is rather quite easy and does pass a lot of time, even while just sitting watching t.v., or passing time on a bus trip, or if you, like myself, work in a call center and are eager to find something to pass the long hours on a night shift!


Supplies You Will Need: 

  • Post It notes (Yes post it notes!) If you don’t have any, you can use any type of paper. The best size is 3″ x 3″
  • Glue stick (If you are using thick paper, like scrapbook paper, I used a low temp glue gun)
  • (optional) Styrofoam ball/ wreath – depending on what you are making
  • (optional is using Styrofoam shape) long pins

Lets get started shall we!


Feb27 582

Take your pick of colors you are wanting to use. Make sure if you are only using one or two colors that you grab A LOT of them! Each flower uses 5 sheets.

Feb27 583 Feb27 585

First fold your post it in half to make a triangle.

Next, fold each corner inward to meet in the center (it should look like a diamond with both folded inward)

Feb27 587


This step is not necessary but makes your life a bit easier for the next step!

Fold the corners out so the edge is in line with the outer edge of the diamond, it should like the picture above.

Feb27 589

Now that you have creased the edges of this step, its a lot easier to do this step.

Open up the fold, there should be a small pocket, and flatten it out to look like this. Now fold down then tips inwards, these will give your petal the inner detailing.

Feb27 591

Now fold on the center crease, this will give you the surface to glue on as well as double the inner detailing of the flower.

Now take the edges and fold together, DO NOT CREASE! You want your flower petals to be rounded. They should look like this.


As I had said previously, each flower will need 5 petals, so make lots and lots and lots of these! And I mean A LOT!  (Are you starting to see why this occupies my slow nights?!)

Take each petal and glue together. Matching up the seams so they look like this


And there you have it! You have made a pretty green flower!

Now, there are a few different ways to make arrangements. One being gluing the petals together in a fashion to make a ball with no Styrofoam shapes. I find it difficult to do so while trying to make a large arrangement. For larger arrangements I use a small ball and long pins to place the flowers in which ever way I prefer. Here is a look at both ways.

CAM00259 CAM00261

On the left:

See how you would glue the petals together. Continue around until it is the desired size. Adding on top and bottom to create a ball.

On the right:

Using the Styrofoam ball you also create the look of the yellow middle, I tend to glue small beads of complimenting colors.

So go ahead my lovelies and try out different color formations and techniques! These flowers can even be used on their own as a simple decoration, adding to corners of picture frames, or which ever way you please!  I would LOVE to know how they turn out!