Very productive day

As you would know from my earlier post, today was to be cleaning day. And although I was off to a rough start, I did manage to get everything I wanted to do completed, along with some others! Yay for being productive! I had an inquiry from a customer about other toys and stuffies I make for children as I had just sent them a picture of their finished patchy patch. Unfortunately at the moment I do not have pictures of what I can make, so off I went and pulled out my hook and yarn and went away crocheting.
I ended up with this cute little guy! Just needs his other leg attached and he will be finished but isnt he adorable?! Now I just need a name for this one.


Suggestions anyone?



Cleaning day

Today is day 2 of my rare 2 day weekend. I usually have to pack all cleaning and crafting into one day here and there depending on my schedule, but not this week. This week I actually have 2 days off in a row and I spent last night working tirelessly on my little mans keepsake box, sanding for hours. Today was to be cleaning and laundry, however I seemed to have been sidetracked.
Upon waking up I poured my coffee enjoyed the quiet of the house as everyone was still asleep and finished off the last patchy patch toy of my order. I then stepped outside and although it is windy, I can tell spring is coming soon, regardless of what the weather man says about upcoming snow and freezing again. It is a nice day, the sun is out and the mountains of snow are melting.
It got my mind turning. I still had a wreath form left over from my christmas crafting, and just enough yellow to wrap it. So I went to work wrapping this wreath and time just flew by. Soon hours had passed and it is now 2pm. Oh my! I started doing this at 12! Might as well finish this and get to cleaning as planned. So this is as far as I have gotten and I am quite impressed! Tossed some kusudama flowers together to start off the embellishment process, thinking of making up some white roses to compliment the purple and I have a spring wreath to add to my store!




“You may say that I’m a dreamer… but I’m not the only one”

I write a lot about creativity as it is a huge part of my life. I try to pass it a long to my son, to instill in him the beauty of imagination and creativity. To freely express himself in whatever means. Now, my little man will be 3 years old in about a week, and I know the ways he chooses to do this will vary and grow with him. For Christmas I had given him a toddler digital camera, which he has fallen in love with. Taking pictures of anything and everything, asking to get his picture taken. He also enjoys doing crafts, asking me to bring him home crafts from work. This, of course, makes me smile. Here I have done it, I have passed on my passion for creativity to my son, but of course, everyone has their own way of creating, their own imagination.

The imagination of a child is a wonderful thing really. As of late, my little one has begun to ask me to follow him. So I do, and we walk around the house at least 20 times, as he narrates to me which way we are going, and slowly but surely he will add more detail. The other day, he was sitting on his little couch, I was standing in the doorway talking to his grandpa, when all of the sudden he yells MOM! So I respond the way I always have with HAYDEN! This goes on and on a few times, until he quiets down and is just whispering. Now, this time I could tell he wasn’t just saying mom, he was actually saying something I couldn’t understand. So i approached him, wondering what it was that he had to tell me. I had to get real close to hear. “We have to be quiet, because of the monsters.” Okay… Now this is where I clicked in, he was pretending. So I responded with “Oh, okay, shhh”

So with a big smile on his face he stood up very quietly, grabbed my hand and whispered “Will you tip toe with me?” Of course, how could I refuse to dive into the mind of a 3 year old right? So we tip toed across the hall and into his bedroom where he heaved a sigh of relief and ran around his bed. “Hurry! Have to climb the mountain!” Up and over the bed we went, with a “Made it!” once we did. He grabs my hand again as we head towards the door to the hallway once again. “Tip toe!” He whispers. And we do, we tip toe back to the living room as he tells me we are on an adventure. We have to get to the boat. The long journey there was quite a travel. Trying not to wake the monsters as we passed the kitchen. Just ten more tip toes and we were there.

Sitting in the boat (on the floor) he tells me we have to get our life jackets on. Now here is the interesting part. Hayden has never been in a boat, nor has he had a fear of monsters under the bed. He just randomly came up with it all on his own. My smile gets bigger as I proceed to click on my imaginary life jacket and he instructs me to put the flag up. I watch him intently as he rows us into the ocean and uses his pretend binoculars to spot land. He docks the boat and once again, we have to tip toe to avoid waking the monsters as we head for a train. This train just so happens to be in the same spot as the large mountain we had to climb, but to him it is a totally different world.

We board the train and after a few “CHOO CHOOS!!” We arrived at yet another destination. This time, we were on our way to find a treasure. Turns out, the treasure was in the kitchen the whole time! We dug it up with our shovels and heaved it into the living room to bring it on the boat. Repeating the whole adventure over again, taking the exact same route only in reverse. It amazes me at how much he can remember even if it is something he makes up on the spot. Upon bringing the treasure back to where we started, we opened it up and there it was, our gold. The smile on his face was priceless, and mine grew even bigger.

I fell in love with him over again that day, and I swear I do every time he surprises me like this. He has such an active imagination and I love him even more for it. The fact that I can inspire him through what I do, how I play with him is an amazing feeling and I love that he will go on to inspire others in whatever it is he will do. Take pride in your children and they will take pride in you. Dream big and they will dream big. Go to the mountains and beyond to find your treasure, play with your children and go along with whatever their imagination brings to them.

But please, don’t wake the monsters.


In Search Of Spring

This quick and easy DIY comes to us from one of my co-workers, who swears she doesn’t have a creative bone in her body. Yet, as of late I have begged to differ. She came to me one day with an idea and wanting my opinion. We had received these vases in, which come in various sizes and depths, however there is this giant one that just caught her eye. Knowing that I am constantly creating things she approached me with a bunch of fake flowers and this vase. Describing her idea, she proceeded to tell me she wanted to line the bottom with river rocks and put the top of these giant flowers submerged in water.

WOW! My mind lit up with ideas and started staring at everything that would look good in my room, what would look nice here or there. So, this is what I came up with…

I ended up buying 2, one for each of my bedside tables. I think with a little bit more water and some floating candles, these would be all the much lovelier. It gives that touch of brightness during these dreary, nasty winter days. It gives me hope for spring. Not to mention the added benefit of having a couple vases of water around to help with the dry winter air in the house. My favorite part? I can change the flower to suit the season, I am thinking some nice big sunflowers for summer!


Its Superbowl Sunday, what did you do?

Well it’s Superbowl Sunday, that time of year where everyone complains their team didn’t make it, gets together and watches anyways. They eat food, they watch the glorious commercials (that us Canadians don’t get anyways) and scrutinize the half time show. It has become another holiday. So what did you do?
Personally, Monkey and I were at the grandparents house. Papa is a big fan and in turn so is Mama. Seeing as it was an overnight, and I not being a huge fan of football and Monkey only being 3, I thought we would entertain ourselves with other sorts of fun.
Seeing as spring is supposedly coming soon, we are getting all the spring type things in at work, which includes the paint your own birdhouses. So I picked up a couple and some tempera paint and once that big game started, coincidentally my little monkey pulled at the bag and said “we do this now?” Okay!
So we went at it for a while, and he loved it. He even wanted to paint the inside so the birds had something to look at!


He got right into it, doorbells and windows and even a rug just inside the door!



I think it was a great success and a great superbowl! The winner? CRAFTS!



Creativity is not the finding of a thing, but the making something out of it after it’s found — James Russell Lowell

I seem to be out of my creativity rut. I was at the weekly playgroup with m little monkey when he looked at me and yelled “Mum! Lets do clabs!” (his way of saying crafts, which I can’t get over how adorable it sounds) And so we went to the craft table. I always let him do his own thing, put glue where he tells me and just watch in amazement at how his little mind works. Well doesn’t he go to the buckets filled with all the supplies and brings back a brown lunch bag, come shapes and pom poms, and says make a puppet! All big smiles and wild excitement in his eyes. That is the passion and creativity I’ve been looking for. So with tons of laughs and giggles, gluing and placing, he produced this puppet. Places it on his hand and starts talking to me through what he now has dubbed “Mr. Puppet”

Mr. Puppet

Upon returning home, I came to realize that I have a lot, and I mean A LOT of creations he has made. Either stuck to the fridge or in a basket somewhere. And with part of my resolution being to stay organized it clicked. He needs a keepsake box. I had one, still have mine from when I was little. Now, it’s not like I didn’t have anything put together or saved from the last 3 years, I have a big tote with multiple things. But this one should be for what he holds near and dear to his heart and can keep updated himself. Nothing huge, not too small, but needs to be big enough to hold more than 5 little trinkets.

So at work today I was filling in the wood sections. Where all the wood boxes and bird houses etc that you paint yourself are. I looked at all the boxes and they were just too small. I was beginning to get frustrated and was starting to think of different solutions. Perhaps I can just make one from a cardboard box? No, it won’t last. Needs to be something sturdy. Maybe just use a plastic bin and decorate it? Nah, might be too tacky looking. It needs to be special. Something he can look at when he is older and hold it even closer to his heart because Mom decorated it and made it just for him.

After work I had some time to kill while waiting for my ride home, so I decided to check out the thrift store. Maybe I’ll find something there. Not anything specific, never look for specifics when you go to a thrift store, it is impossible! I always look through the kitchen and home decor area first. It’s right there when you walk in and there are usually some pretty interesting things there that spark my interest to see what I can make or re-purpose out of them. Mason jars, spice racks, frames etc, all the usual stuff. But then, there it is. Sitting all on its lonesome between some wicker baskets and no one has scooped it up! This box is beautiful the way it is and I would use it on my own like this, it seems kind of sad to think I am going to sand the hell out of it and make it into something comepletely new. But oh what a task this is going to be and I can’t wait to get it started!




I really can’t wait and I will be sure to post the before and after photos.

So here’s to getting back in the groove!


Feeling lost…

Oh the weather outside is frightful… No seriously, it’s frightful out there and I just don’t want to go out there. But sadly I have to on a daily basis to get to and from work, and since I don’t drive it makes the commute even worse. For those of you who don’t know, here in southern Ontario and many parts of Canada and the USA, we were in quite a bit of a cold snap, making todays high of -10 C a nice break from the -29 C. Not only did we get the cold snap, we got a full on polar vortex which in turn launched a viral video war of people tossing freshly boiled kettles of water in the air to watch the water instantly turn into mist. It’s pretty awesome and I am quite sad that I didn’t try it, but it came and went and came and went again, and when it went it brought in tons, and I mean TONS of snow. Here, have a look at my driveway after a few days of this white fluffy stuff.



It has been a pain in the butt keeping up with it, considering that there are several layers of ice throughout it making it difficult to shovel. After the last dumping we had, I ended up out there shoveling for about an hour and because the plow had come by it made it worse. Thus causing me a lot of pain in my shoulders, which have had multiple injuries to them. Seems I need to invest in a snow blower to make my life easier. But now I am just rambling. The real reason for this post is my lack of inspiration these last few days.

After picking up my needles and yarn and working out this amazing infinity scarf, which by the way is finished! WOOT! (Pictures to follow) I sat and looked around and for once did not have any clue what I wanted to get my hands into next. So not only am I sore but I am sitting idly at home re-watching Breaking Bad. I needed to get back on my resolution to stay organized and to get back to being creative and get things going with my shop again.

So I returned to work, which by the way is a dollar store, and began looking at all the stock in my section. Now here’s the thing, I take care of the stationary, frames, artificial flowers and of course, the craft section. This could always be a bad thing. I get first look at all the new stock, and ideas were usually running through my head like no tomorrow. But not today. Today I stood and pondered what I could do and still came up empty. Until I found this…

CAM01230Sorry the image is sideways, the downside to using my phone to take pictures. (I do need to use my actual camera more often) This book is amazing, and it has spiked some very good inspiration. With sections for the home, seasonal, knitting and crochet and much much more I couldn’t go wrong for only $3! So tonight i will sit and flip through this lovely find and figure out where I go from here.

So please, tell me my fellow crafters and shop owners alike, where do you draw your inspiration from? Where do you turn to in times like this when you are at a black in the road? I would love to hear them!


–Now as promised the finished product–



I think I may whip a few of these up for the shop next winter!