Cleaning day

Today is day 2 of my rare 2 day weekend. I usually have to pack all cleaning and crafting into one day here and there depending on my schedule, but not this week. This week I actually have 2 days off in a row and I spent last night working tirelessly on my little mans keepsake box, sanding for hours. Today was to be cleaning and laundry, however I seemed to have been sidetracked.
Upon waking up I poured my coffee enjoyed the quiet of the house as everyone was still asleep and finished off the last patchy patch toy of my order. I then stepped outside and although it is windy, I can tell spring is coming soon, regardless of what the weather man says about upcoming snow and freezing again. It is a nice day, the sun is out and the mountains of snow are melting.
It got my mind turning. I still had a wreath form left over from my christmas crafting, and just enough yellow to wrap it. So I went to work wrapping this wreath and time just flew by. Soon hours had passed and it is now 2pm. Oh my! I started doing this at 12! Might as well finish this and get to cleaning as planned. So this is as far as I have gotten and I am quite impressed! Tossed some kusudama flowers together to start off the embellishment process, thinking of making up some white roses to compliment the purple and I have a spring wreath to add to my store!





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