Mini hiatus and Easter already?

I have been missing the last little bit with my updates. I apologize once again for my mini hiatus, but I was busy with working on an oldy but a goody. I recently had a few orders for my patchy patch toys and needed to complete them asap! So upon finishing them I continued into something I have been wanting to get put together for some time. I started on a pattern for the Binoo character from the same show. I am sure it will be as much a hit as the patchy patch ones, however they will take a bit longer because they are evidently larger. 

I have also been thinking up ideas for Easter. Yes, I know it is quite a ways away. Yet, I am trying to build up some stock to open up shop by then. I am doing this by challenging myself to use up craft supplies I already have and not go out and buy new ones. I came to a realization that my cupboards that I have for craft supplies are over flowing with a multitude of yarn, glitter and cardstock. So this is what I have come up with thus far.



I have also started to work on a Facebook page for local selling and try to promote my products, just need to get on the photography part of putting it all together.










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