Stickers stickers everywhere…but not an album to be found…

I want to bring you back to the late 80’s early 90’s. I am a youngster and I am starting to get the hang of collecting things. Time passes and I am in school. One book in particular goes everywhere with me. One that everyone can enjoy. I add things to it everyday, swap with friends, collect certain ones that I like. That’s right! The sticker book!
Now let me take you back to present day. My little man will be the big 3 in a couple days and as of late he has really started enjoying stickers. So naturally I got him this kit that has a bunch of stickers and an “album” in it. Now I say “album” because it was this tiny 4 page booklet with scenes specific to the stickers that come with it. Yes I get why they did that, but he loves them all and just wants to put them in a book, take them off again and put them somewhere else.
So off I went on a rampant search for the famous sticker book I so much enjoyed as a kid. Only to come up empty. You would imagine my disappointment finding nothing at my work, the dollar store, also nothing at any toy store! How could this be? Needless to say I gave up and decided I was better off making one, but how?
My first thought was go out and buy a small 8×8 scrapbook and just slide in some fun cardstock. But that was pointless, seeing as he is 3 and it will just get ruined and why would I pay 30$ for something that looks so pretty to have a toddler stick his stickers all over? Next stop was pinterest which really was helpful but gave no specific ideas. So my brain went turning and I ended up with something that is cheap and although it may not be the best I have done, I am quite happy and proud of what I made!
I simply took some cardstock and cut it into 6×12 rectangles and laminated them. Next was the fun part as I clearly didn’t think it through. I had to bind them somehow. So I tried every hole punch I had and nearly broke a couple. Final straw? Hammer and nails. Yup! Lined up all the pages and went at it to stab some holes in there.
Making the cover was the easiest bit, I simply cut up some cardboard into 2 squares slightly larger than the pages and a rectangle for the spine, laid out some fabric and stretched it on there to look like this.


And with a lot of hit glue and other sticky stuff I ended up with this…



Now he can stick and peel all he wants!
I must say I am still quite disappointed about the sticker album being M.I.A.



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