In Search Of Spring

This quick and easy DIY comes to us from one of my co-workers, who swears she doesn’t have a creative bone in her body. Yet, as of late I have begged to differ. She came to me one day with an idea and wanting my opinion. We had received these vases in, which come in various sizes and depths, however there is this giant one that just caught her eye. Knowing that I am constantly creating things she approached me with a bunch of fake flowers and this vase. Describing her idea, she proceeded to tell me she wanted to line the bottom with river rocks and put the top of these giant flowers submerged in water.

WOW! My mind lit up with ideas and started staring at everything that would look good in my room, what would look nice here or there. So, this is what I came up with…

I ended up buying 2, one for each of my bedside tables. I think with a little bit more water and some floating candles, these would be all the much lovelier. It gives that touch of brightness during these dreary, nasty winter days. It gives me hope for spring. Not to mention the added benefit of having a couple vases of water around to help with the dry winter air in the house. My favorite part? I can change the flower to suit the season, I am thinking some nice big sunflowers for summer!



3 thoughts on “In Search Of Spring

    • The flower is a fabric not plastic so it floats a little bit but not right to the top. I also pushed it down so the rocks were holding a little bit of the stem

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