Its Superbowl Sunday, what did you do?

Well it’s Superbowl Sunday, that time of year where everyone complains their team didn’t make it, gets together and watches anyways. They eat food, they watch the glorious commercials (that us Canadians don’t get anyways) and scrutinize the half time show. It has become another holiday. So what did you do?
Personally, Monkey and I were at the grandparents house. Papa is a big fan and in turn so is Mama. Seeing as it was an overnight, and I not being a huge fan of football and Monkey only being 3, I thought we would entertain ourselves with other sorts of fun.
Seeing as spring is supposedly coming soon, we are getting all the spring type things in at work, which includes the paint your own birdhouses. So I picked up a couple and some tempera paint and once that big game started, coincidentally my little monkey pulled at the bag and said “we do this now?” Okay!
So we went at it for a while, and he loved it. He even wanted to paint the inside so the birds had something to look at!


He got right into it, doorbells and windows and even a rug just inside the door!



I think it was a great success and a great superbowl! The winner? CRAFTS!




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