Easy transfers for text, or anything really!

My previous post was about the puzzle I am making for my little man. I thought I would share with you the technique I used to transfer the picture to the wood to ensure I didn’t mess it up. It is also something I use all the time when I want to have some sort of pretty font or picture on something (mainly the mugs I make). It comes in handy seeing as I am not one to freehand fonts, even my regular day to day printing is not all that pretty, and when it comes to drawing out something, I tend to draw, erase, draw erase and repeat. So let’s get to it!


I first drew out what I wanted to have on the puzzle. Monkey loves Cars and especially Tow Mater, so naturally that is what I drew out for him.

Drawing of Tow MaterNow you want to grab whatever it is you are going to be transferring this on to, as well as a sharpie and some tape.



Now, tape the paper into position for where you want the image or font to be on your project. For this one I am placing it dead center, and yes the paper is smaller than the puzzle, but I was just extending the fence and road etc. No other big changes. Once everything is in place, simply go over your lines with the sharpie. Mine was dying so I ended up going over them a few times, and eventually switching to using a pink sharpie instead.

Trace over lines

Trace over lines


You can always lift up the page to check your progress, it only leaves a faint line, if you want it darker, go over the lines a few more times.

IMG_0984It is hard to tell in this picture how well it turned out, like I said mine was running dry, but going over a couple times made it darker. From here simply continue along until all of your image or font is transferred over, and then simply paint it all in the way you want. Since it is only a faint line that appears it is easily concealed by the paint. 






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