Valentines day is approaching…for some…

It feels like it is too soon to mention after christmas, but valentines day is approaching. Now for me, it used to be the usual wishy washy, lovey dovey time of year filled with red and pink and lots of chocolate and flowers. But in 2011 that all changed when at 3:00 Am on February 13 my little monkey arrived, forever being my valentine.
So yes it is approaching and no I am not crafting up a storm in order to bust out the valentines and decorations, but instead I am creating some very special presents for my soon to be 3 year old. My oh my has the time seriously flown right by me!
I have already given you guys a sneak peak into what I was planning for the keepsake box, which by the way was put on hold and still sits in my garage mentally preparing for its date with a sander, but I thought I would share this next project that took its place in the priority line.
You see my monkey man loves puzzles. And when I say he loves them I think it is quite an understatement as he can spend all day laying on the floor doing them and won’t even budge. But as you know I have responsibility of the crafting aisle at work and when this came in I had to snatch it up. Although I wish I would have taken a picture before I started to draw on it.
It is a wooden tile board, 9 pieces that are square. Its original purpose is for decoration and organization but all I saw was P-U-Z-Z-L-E written all over it!
So upon getting home with it I proceeded to draw out his second favorite thing, Mater from the movie Cars.
Now slowly but surely it is all coming together. I am not used to painting with detail so thank goodness it is a cartoon, but I thought I would show you where it is at right now.

Yes it is sideways, better pictures to come when my computer decides to cooperate with me to load from my camera. As well as some tips and tricks I have learned and use quite frequently with my crafting.

So for now this is it my fellow crafters and I shall update you more *fingers crossed* tomorrow.


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