Treble treble treble

Ive been working a lot lately with single and double crochet stitches. Of course, seeing as they are the main ones used in virtually everything you crochet. But I was bored, and I decided I wanted to give another go at trying to figure out how to create a cross over look. I was first inspired by Bellas’ mittens in the movie twilight, but naturally they are a knit pattern and of course I cannot knit.

It just doesnt work. I can dream up various things and stretch my imagination to turn toilet paper rolls into wall art, but I can’t wrap my head around working two needles instead of one? What’s up with that?

So anyways, I finally figured it out! I think it would look better with a chunky yarn and bigger gauge but just working with what I had at the moment. But I think it will look great on a pair of mittens and a headband!

Cheers to progress!


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