Creativity is not the finding of a thing, but the making something out of it after it’s found — James Russell Lowell

I seem to be out of my creativity rut. I was at the weekly playgroup with m little monkey when he looked at me and yelled “Mum! Lets do clabs!” (his way of saying crafts, which I can’t get over how adorable it sounds) And so we went to the craft table. I always let him do his own thing, put glue where he tells me and just watch in amazement at how his little mind works. Well doesn’t he go to the buckets filled with all the supplies and brings back a brown lunch bag, come shapes and pom poms, and says make a puppet! All big smiles and wild excitement in his eyes. That is the passion and creativity I’ve been looking for. So with tons of laughs and giggles, gluing and placing, he produced this puppet. Places it on his hand and starts talking to me through what he now has dubbed “Mr. Puppet”

Mr. Puppet

Upon returning home, I came to realize that I have a lot, and I mean A LOT of creations he has made. Either stuck to the fridge or in a basket somewhere. And with part of my resolution being to stay organized it clicked. He needs a keepsake box. I had one, still have mine from when I was little. Now, it’s not like I didn’t have anything put together or saved from the last 3 years, I have a big tote with multiple things. But this one should be for what he holds near and dear to his heart and can keep updated himself. Nothing huge, not too small, but needs to be big enough to hold more than 5 little trinkets.

So at work today I was filling in the wood sections. Where all the wood boxes and bird houses etc that you paint yourself are. I looked at all the boxes and they were just too small. I was beginning to get frustrated and was starting to think of different solutions. Perhaps I can just make one from a cardboard box? No, it won’t last. Needs to be something sturdy. Maybe just use a plastic bin and decorate it? Nah, might be too tacky looking. It needs to be special. Something he can look at when he is older and hold it even closer to his heart because Mom decorated it and made it just for him.

After work I had some time to kill while waiting for my ride home, so I decided to check out the thrift store. Maybe I’ll find something there. Not anything specific, never look for specifics when you go to a thrift store, it is impossible! I always look through the kitchen and home decor area first. It’s right there when you walk in and there are usually some pretty interesting things there that spark my interest to see what I can make or re-purpose out of them. Mason jars, spice racks, frames etc, all the usual stuff. But then, there it is. Sitting all on its lonesome between some wicker baskets and no one has scooped it up! This box is beautiful the way it is and I would use it on my own like this, it seems kind of sad to think I am going to sand the hell out of it and make it into something comepletely new. But oh what a task this is going to be and I can’t wait to get it started!




I really can’t wait and I will be sure to post the before and after photos.

So here’s to getting back in the groove!



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