Feeling lost…

Oh the weather outside is frightful… No seriously, it’s frightful out there and I just don’t want to go out there. But sadly I have to on a daily basis to get to and from work, and since I don’t drive it makes the commute even worse. For those of you who don’t know, here in southern Ontario and many parts of Canada and the USA, we were in quite a bit of a cold snap, making todays high of -10 C a nice break from the -29 C. Not only did we get the cold snap, we got a full on polar vortex which in turn launched a viral video war of people tossing freshly boiled kettles of water in the air to watch the water instantly turn into mist. It’s pretty awesome and I am quite sad that I didn’t try it, but it came and went and came and went again, and when it went it brought in tons, and I mean TONS of snow. Here, have a look at my driveway after a few days of this white fluffy stuff.



It has been a pain in the butt keeping up with it, considering that there are several layers of ice throughout it making it difficult to shovel. After the last dumping we had, I ended up out there shoveling for about an hour and because the plow had come by it made it worse. Thus causing me a lot of pain in my shoulders, which have had multiple injuries to them. Seems I need to invest in a snow blower to make my life easier. But now I am just rambling. The real reason for this post is my lack of inspiration these last few days.

After picking up my needles and yarn and working out this amazing infinity scarf, which by the way is finished! WOOT! (Pictures to follow) I sat and looked around and for once did not have any clue what I wanted to get my hands into next. So not only am I sore but I am sitting idly at home re-watching Breaking Bad. I needed to get back on my resolution to stay organized and to get back to being creative and get things going with my shop again.

So I returned to work, which by the way is a dollar store, and began looking at all the stock in my section. Now here’s the thing, I take care of the stationary, frames, artificial flowers and of course, the craft section. This could always be a bad thing. I get first look at all the new stock, and ideas were usually running through my head like no tomorrow. But not today. Today I stood and pondered what I could do and still came up empty. Until I found this…

CAM01230Sorry the image is sideways, the downside to using my phone to take pictures. (I do need to use my actual camera more often) This book is amazing, and it has spiked some very good inspiration. With sections for the home, seasonal, knitting and crochet and much much more I couldn’t go wrong for only $3! So tonight i will sit and flip through this lovely find and figure out where I go from here.

So please, tell me my fellow crafters and shop owners alike, where do you draw your inspiration from? Where do you turn to in times like this when you are at a black in the road? I would love to hear them!


–Now as promised the finished product–



I think I may whip a few of these up for the shop next winter!





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