Creativity never goes out of style

Last post I apologized for my absence and lack of creativity. Not minutes after I picked up a ball of yarn and a size G crochet needle, threw on the first season of Breaking Bad and just started going. With only one idea in my head, an infinity scarf, I began. Now most time I like to think it through, what do I want this to look like? What pattern am I going to use? But not this time. I know it goes against my resolution to stay organized but since when is creativity organized?
So on I go, single stitch here, double stitch there, tear it out I don’t like that. Maybe do this a little different. A little while later here I am with this..

It’s looking pretty good no? So I continued on like this throughout the day and on through today, not really paying attention to where I was at. Next thing I know I am out of yarn and the scarf is no where near finished, only about 1/3 of the length I want it to be. But it gave me a chance to sit back and admire what I have been missing in my absence of creativity.

I am in love with how this is turning out! And without having to fuss and stress over how it will turn out, I just went with it and let myself be who I am and do what I love. Not to mention that the background turn out with the “wolf tooth” look is striking up new patterns in my mind.
So all it takes is one ball of yarn to get the ball rolling on to bigger and better things. So where will your creativity lead you? Take this opportunity to challenge yourself.
Sit down, take out your preferred medium, be it paint, yarn and needles, sketch pad and pencil, or hell even crayons and construction paper.
Leave your ideas behind and just do what you love, no thought about it, just let it flow!
I would love to hear back and see what you come up with!


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