My Apologies

I am told that every blogger has to, at least once, take an unannounced leave of absence and return with a big post apologizing. Well, here is mine. Due to some family matters that needed to be taken care of, I simply just dwindled off from my crafting and crocheting. My Etsy store went dry and I stopped blogging. Even my craft cabinet began to gather dust. I simply did not have the motivation to create and write.

Throughout the recent holidays though, I started noticing that my soon to be 3 year old is getting right into crafting and creating things and he just loves it! So for Christmas Santa brought him a huge craft bucket. We spent hours gluing and sticking and cutting, and I just had to sit back and think. I enjoy this, and my son enjoys this, why on earth did I stop? So I retreated to my Pinterest account for some inspiration, as I tend to do, and while searching I grabbed some yarn and crochet needles and just got started again.

So with it being the New Year and 2014 is going to be a better year for me, I have decided to make my new years resolution simple. Stay inspired and get organized! I have many ideas for this year both for myself and for Etsy to get my shop going again and I promise to bring you a daily dose, if not twice weekly dose, of updates, fun ideas and of course inspiration for yourself!


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