The Newest Addition

CAM00406My last few posts, well mainly all of them besides tutorials, have been about completing the mass amounts of Patchy Patch dolls. Well they are all now completed and I am happy to say I finally got the break I needed to re energize my creative crochet mind! I wanted something quick and simple that I could start out with, something that I can pump out quite a bit and build a stock and start loading the small things onto my Etsy shop in order to allow myself the time I need to grow the stock of larger products.

It came to me that my purse is overloaded. I have always known this, what woman doesn’t know that her purse needs to be more organized? Anyways, I always have sanitizer , creams, and lip balms in my purse. All of which I am constantly having to remove almost half of my purse in order to find. So why not make a cozy for them to simply hang from the purse or even a key chain? I have seen a few out there on Pinterest and other Etsy shops and figured it would be quite easy to whip up a pattern. In doing so I came up with this little one.

Rummaging through my craft cupboard once again for something to decorate it with I found these little fabric flowers and it just suited it perfectly especially with spring just arriving you have to love the pop of vibrant color!

So what do you think?






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