DIY Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art


Yes, you read it right. This wall art is made from empty toilet paper rolls! This post has been a long time coming, but it took a little time to gather all the rolls needed and find a little time to get it finished.

What you will need:

  • empty toilet paper rolls (depending on the size of what you are making depends on the amount you will need.)
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • black matte paint
  • frame

CAM00225Now let’s get to it! Gather your toilet paper rolls and scissors. For the width of each strip you can measure if you like and make them even, I just figured 6 strips out of each roll and guessed.


Now take your toilet paper roll and crush it in half and start cutting! This will make the petal decals, or the oval shapes


(Sorry about the flash in the next few pictures) To make the curls, shown on the right here, do not crush the roll, simply cut it in half, length wise and cut out the strips and they will resemble a cut hoop. You can then roll them tighter to curl the way you want them to.

For mine I was aiming for a wrought iron look, with the flowers and curls. So now we put our creativeness and imagination into action and start to layout our design before we begin gluing it all together.


My craft mat coincidentally is the plastic cover for the frame I am using for this project so it was the perfect size to judge by. Otherwise you can either measure your frame, or you can simply lay it out in the frame itself. (Again the flash in these pictures, the mat is the culprit)

**At this point you can also paint each individual petal if you would like and just touch up after gluing it together. I began doing this but it just seemed to be taking too long and I wanted to get it started.


Now GLUE GLUE GLUE! Don’t forget to ensure there are a few decals glued to the frame. This will help ensure it is steady enough to hold its own weight once its hung up on the wall.


Once everything is glued on you can begin painting. Again we are going for the wrought iron look so I am using a matte black paint. I ran out of black spray paint while doing the cork board tutorial so I had to hand paint it all, takes a lot of time, but still as effective.


Now that you wall art is all painted and dried, find the perfect place for it and hang it up!


Mine is to become the center of a photo area on my walls.

So my fellow creators and crafters, get creative and do what we do best and craft your hearts out and put the creative minds to work to spruce up your walls for almost nothing!



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