Snazzing up the filing cabinet

So today is clean up day, trying to organize my room and craft supplies as they seem to have taken over my entire room. Laying on tables, in their proper place in drawers etc… So in the midst of cleaning up I also ended up cleaning up the filing cabinet as well. Now, my cabinet was passed around from my mother to my sister and eventually to me. There is a dent in the bottom drawer that prevents it from closing properly but it still does the job and works just fine. But it was just a flat scratched up black. In the midst of cleaning as well I found a roll of contact paper. Put two and two together and what do you get? A snazzy new looking filing cabinet! YAY!








So on the left we have the “Before Picture” I forgot to take an official before picture but only one drawer was done so it’s pretty much completely undone.

On the right we have the “After Picture” I think it looks much much better! Although the dent is still there, it is at lest a bit more tolerable and not much of an eye sore.




So here is what you will need:

  • Filing cabinet
  • Contact paper
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Scissors or X-Acto knife

Measure each drawer dimensions and match on the contact paper

Mark out each drawer and cut out

The tricky part is the handle, for this I measured the drawer to the top of the handle, as well as from each side to the ends of the handles to get the height and width of the handle. I drew out a rectangle and cut along the top and sides of the handle so there is something like a flap.

Without peeling off the back of the contact paper, fit the flap over the handle to ensure it fits and no adjustments need to be made. From here, I marked the inside of the handle.

Taking off the contact paper i cut out the squares to fit the handle without having the black show through in between the handle.

It looked something like this

CAM00379From here peel off a portion of the contact paper, I found it easier to start from top to bottom.

Slowly peeling off the back and gently pressing along the filing cabinet in case adjustments need to be made. Once it fits how you want it, take a card and smooth out all the little bubbles that remain.

You may need to do some trimming on the sides for over hang, or simply fold them over to the sides.

And there we have it! A simple upgrade in about 15 minutes!




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