Fun With Sharpies


Today is just another Tuesday, and while I am injured due to a fall down my stairs, I am still crafting! Being stuck in bed sucks, and with limited motions I needed to find something that was quick but entertaining to fill a bit of time while I lay in bed. I have seen this craft pop up on Pinterest numerous amounts of time and kept telling myself that I would try it. I just never had a reason. Well, yet again I bring up Easter. It is right around the corner and I needed something to fill up the baskets I am putting together for my parents and my sons other grandparents for helping me out.

I had already picked up some mugs from the dollar store when I first came across this, hoping to find something to put them to use. I pulled out the stash of sharpies and scanned through fonts to find the perfect one for the header on each mug. Traced out each word for Grandma and Grandpa and went to it.

By far the trickiest thing was trying to figure out how to transfer the words from paper onto the mug without having to do some intricate cutting. *Tip* Place the paper on the mug how you want it positioned, traced over the words or design on the paper with your sharpie. Enough of the ink will seep through and leave a faint look of what you are wanting on the mug. Just fill it in after removing the paper**

After you are done you art work on a mug simply place it in the oven turn up the heat to 350 and leave for 30 mins. I suggest leaving it in the oven until it is fully cooled.

And VOILA! Awesome personalized mugs ready for the Easter baskets!


These are awesome and cheap ways to put something together for many occasions. I think this might become a regular craft to include in baskets or gifts. I’m sure it would work out great on plates, bowls and other dinnerware or vases as well.




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