Facebook page or new business Facebook account

Among the many social networking sites available to businesses, especially handmade items, I can agree that Facebook is one of the biggest for networking and putting your business out there. It boosts everything from Etsy shop visits to views and followers of your blog. This all I am very aware. But as I sit here with Facebook wide open, cursor hovering over the create page button, I ask, should I just create a new Facebook account all together for Via Hand?

I don’t want my personal account linked to the business, what with games and friend comments and such, its just too… well.. personal. It’s just not the best way to do business. So, if I were to create a page via my personal account, will this then allow others to view my personal account? Or is it just best to create a new account? I have had mixed results with my readings and I just wanted to get everyone’s opinion on this.



2 thoughts on “Facebook page or new business Facebook account

  1. I have a business page linked o mine it doesn’t give access to me unless I post and people then ask to become a friend the bonus of linking is you can share with your friends list very easily.

    • Thanks for the input. Its very much appreciated. I think I might just create a page. It would be much easier to manage from what it seems, as opposed to having to manage 2 different accounts.

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