Why didn’t I find this sooner?

Last night, for some troubling reason, I couldn’t sleep. So I found myself looking at my pattern for the infamous Patchy Patch toys and thinking of the other patterns I am wanting to make up for my shop. I was making a mental list and randomly searching around for some inspiration when I found this wonderful site for pattern making. Now, I have been crocheting since I was 15, something that I learned from my grandmother, and following patterns that others have made.

Just recently have I been trying to make up my own pattern, well, the hard way. Have an idea pop into my head, and just go with it. It takes up a lot of time, building on your idea, knowing the basics of how to increase, how to decrease, and then the fun part. Oh yes, the very fun part. You get to a certain point in your pattern where you think everything is going great, it’s looking awesome! Then…then you see it. Something doesn’t look right. Something needs to change. So, what do you do? You rip rip rip out all the stitches to that point, only to start over again.

It’s not so much of a horrible thing if you catch it early, but in my early stages of pattern making, I would get a majority of the way through and find that something isn’t right down at the base of the toy I am making. Very very unfortunate. So this site just made my night when I happened to stumble across it.

It works as a lathe. Making patterns for you based on the drawing you make. It forms it into a 3D pattern all by itself! So naturally I had to try it out. Roughly drawing out the Patchy Patch toy, it gave me a pattern, which I must say, is fairly close to the one I have drawn out myself. So today my challenge will be to put down the old pattern for the day and try this one out and compare. So lets see how this turns out!

For all you Crochet lovers out there here is the site for the Crochet Lathe

I am excited to hear how your creations turn out if you give it a try. I will definitely be posting my results for everyone to see as well.



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