I found the focus! Also in need of answers..

For the past few days I have been absent from writing. I was taking a well needed rest from the majority of my day to day commitments. I felt that taking a bit of time while I am transitioning between jobs was well deserved. I finally finished the 5 more Patchy Patch toys to finish the order. Only to gain another 9 to make. I am seriously thinking about not posting updates about completes orders for the time being. Either that or it is time for a serious price increase now that it is not only a) my close friends wanting them now but close friends showing them off and now others are wanting it, and b) taking up a lot more of my time to make all of these patchy patch toys.

So to you my followers, crafters, DIY-ers, business people and consumers, I ask what would pay for a hand made, crochet children toy?

The little guy to our right here is what I have been making for the past few weeks.

Patchy Patch

For my close friends whom I had started making them for, I was charging $10 a piece. Costing myself about $2.50 in supplies to make them but it is taking about 2-3 hours each to make.

So to you ask, what is a fair price? Leave your suggestions below!


Also on the plus side, I know I have been talking about finding something to help me focus. I have found it! I recently picked up a book, seeing as I am not a driver and take the bus constantly, this is a common occurrence.But I found myself drifting from finishing my orders, to reading this book instead. So, how does this keep you focused on completing your orders if all you want to do is read? Doesn’t this just defeat the purpose of trying to focus?!

Good questions! You see, I have never been a fan of audio books, but with this book in particular there is a website where you can listen to said tapes that the book is depicting. So following their lead, I then ended up downloading the audio book to listen to. Figuring maybe this will kill two birds with one stone. And well, it worked! I completed my order, mainly, in one night of listening to this book. I think it will seriously increase my productivity with finishing, now the next 9!

So again, my apologies for leaving you in the dark the last few days, but I was in serious need of rest. But alas, I have returned with a number of side projects I am excited to show you! Also more good news! I have started up a Pinterest board for Via Hand! Follow my adventures and inspirations and enjoy the ride even more!






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