Need.. more.. focus..

In the last post, I focused well… on focusing. I was at the tail end of a large order, with only 5 left to complete. I would be giving myself a big break and give myself time to relax a little bit. Little did I know that upon updating my personal Facebook with a picture of the finished bunch ready to be picked up, my friends would pass it around and I would end up with yet another large order to fill. So now, I am faced with trying to finish off the last 2 of the previous order, and another 10 more to make.

Now, 10 may not seem like a very big number. But to bring things into perspective, each of these patchy patch toys takes about 3 hours, sitting and focused, just to complete the body. This does not include the small details and patches, and attachment of such details. Not to mention that it is quite hard to just sit for 3 hours straight and crochet. I mean, I do have a 2 year old. At the present moment I have just finished my last day at the call center (YAY!!) After 3 years here they have come under new management that is not very flexible with the shifts. So I have found another job, which will seemingly cater to my crafting whims.

I will be working at one of my favorite craft supply stores, the dollar store. So, I am sure my inspiration will spike once again, but the time in between the call center and the new job, will allow me to sit and focus and get these toys out and allow me take a break from patchy patch.

I have been browsing a few of my favorite blogs and have gotten quite a bit of inspiration from them. These will be posted soon. I just needed a break and thought I would give all you crafty friends a quick update on my progress thus far.

So Cheers my friends and keep crafting!


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