Focus focus focus….

I am finding myself at a bit of a stand still… I have all these wonderful ideas for new projects, but I am lacking the ability. Not only for materials, but time. I am quickly finishing my large order for Patchy Patch toys, by my problem is that I still have 5 to go and I am struggling to find time now. I need to focus, get my butt in gear and just power through it. Not only that, but I am finding my brain wandering to other projects, new projects that I have to constantly tell myself “Yes they are inspiring and creative, yes they would be awesome, but Rosilynn you need to get THIS project done and you need to build stock for the Etsy shop!”

Sit down, lock it down, scribble your ideas, log off Pinterest, close the blog and just get these last 5 done. Quite honestly, I think I just need a change in pace, draw out a new pattern to add to my  stock. I know I can take a break when I am done, it;s just tricking my brain into focusing for now.

So I did a little research to see if I could find some new tricks. I came across this interesting article from here and there suggest a few little things…
They call it coincidentally F.O.C.U.S

F “Five More” – This step is refers of us who are on the brink of giving up. They talk about how when you get the feeling you want to quit, do 5 more. Read 5 more pages, work 5 more minutes, do 5 more reps… I find this very convenient considering I only have 5 more toys to make. But wanting to quit isn’t my issue. It’s focusing on completing those 5 more, free of mental distractions. So needless to say this one for me is no go.
O “One Thought At a Time” – Now this one hits home. This is exactly what I am trying to do. They go on to explain you can bribe you brain. Wait! What?! Rewind!! You can bribe your brain!? Why didn’t they tell me this before?
According to this little trick, if you are trying to focus on one thing, and like me, others keep knocking on your mental door, tell yourself you will deal with it later. Sounds simple, but it’s not how it usually works. So here’s the trick. You need to give yourself a time line. Their example is telling yourself you will deal with the credit card debt when you get home and you’ve had time to review your other bills. Only if you can work for 30 minutes from 1-130 on the project you need to finish. They also suggest making a list. This I am constantly doing. But this mind bribing thing might just work out, we will see.
C “Conquer procrastination” – Simply put, whenever you feel like putting something off, ask yourself 3 questions. “Do I need to get this done now? Will it be easier to get it done later? and Do I want this done now so I can get it off my mind?” answers, yes, yes and well… umm… YES! These questions can give you the mental push you need to realize that this project isn’t going away and helps you push through it to make sure it gets done.
U “Use Your Hands As Blinders” – Umm.. okay… Well this one tells us that we can be thinking about numerous things at one time. This I was aware of, I am constantly thinking about things. But consciously or not we are always thinking. Most of the time our eyes are taking it all in while the brain is on wide-angle focus. So, the question is how do we bring that wide-angle down to what you want to focus on. Alt Medicine suggests placing your hands on either side of you face, like the blinders on sleigh and coach horses. Sounds simple, but it’s kind of hard to do this when i need two hands to crochet. The most interesting part of this part, is that they explain that eventually this will become instinct. Kind of like Pavlov’s dog. Sound familiar? Well if you haven’t heard of it here is a quick explanation. Pavlov was a Russian physiologist, who would ring a bell every time he would feed a dog. Soon every time he rang the bell, the dog would begin salivating before the food was even placed down. So cup your hands over your eyes enough time and eventually it just automatically focuses you.

S “See As If For the First or Last Time” – Simply put, be here, be in the now. Take time to smell the roses and appreciate what is in front of you. This is one I have learned to do over and over again. It’s just making sure I hold on to that lesson.

So what can we take from this? Well out of these suggestions I can say that only one of these seems to be able to solve my problem and I have tried it out once already. When I found my mind wandering to making this post, I was already working on finishing up the details for eyes and patches for the toys, told myself that I will complete the eyes and give myself a 30 minute break. Then I would come and post this and return to my work. So here it is.

Take your time, focus, be in the now and learn to appreciate the things and people around you.



2 thoughts on “Focus focus focus….

  1. I know exactly what you mean. Thanks for all the helpful FOCUS ideas. For me large bouquet orders are very challenging. There are so many stages to creating origami flowers. When I stop loving what I do, at ant stage, I will stop creating for my shop. The “loving what I do” part is everything for me.

    • I completely understand! I just posted an update on my personal Facebook for the friends who have ordered, and ended up getting another order for 10 more. Mind you I have now brought my “final 5” down to 2 in one day, which I am quite proud of, I just need that push to get them all done. Give myself a break, and be able to actually build some back stock. And the “loving what I do” part is definitely the biggest part, I truly do enjoy crocheting and love creating new patterns, but when faced with creating the same thing over and over and over, I am finding it difficult to drive forward with the initial excitement of creating them in the first place.By the way, I am in love with your creations, they are truly wonderful!

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