Short and sweet making my life easier!

This isn’t going to be a long post. Just something that popped into my mind while out in the garage taking a break from my crocheting. I looked around and saw an old wooden pole that was used for the old drapes. Then back at the pile of left over odds and ends from when the deck was redone in the summer. Then I thought to myself, I just made my life easier!

You see, I have two dogs in my house. A large black lab retriever that loves to curl up on my bed, and especially when I am in the middle of crocheting, curl up real close to me. And a small dog, well I should say, a tiny dog, that my son and parents love, don’t get me wrong I love her too, but she is more like a cat, even smaller than a cat really. A mix between a shih tzu, Pomeranian,  poodle, schnauzer  and something else. Needless to say she loves to lay on top of my ball of yarn as well.

So i took the pole, sawed off a small portion, took a small piece of the left over wood, slapped them together with a long screw and VOILA!

There we have it! A stand that not only keeps my yarn out of reach from the dogs, but its no longer rolling all over the place and it keeps consistent tension! YAY FOR CRAFTING!

CAM00280 CAM00278

It’s not all that pretty, but it’s nothing a little paint won’t fix don’t you think?



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