My name is Rosilynn, and I’m an addict…… to CRAFTING!

This weekend I spent the entire a great majority of my time crafting, in more ways than one. I had dedicated my Saturday night, kid free, to cleaning up when I got home from work. Yet subconsciously, I was planning out what I would pull together and make a mess of. I walked through the door, sat down on my bed, picked up my lime green yarn, and proceeded to crochet. Mind you it is to try to complete and order of the Patchy Patch toys that I have been slaving over for a week, but the point is, I was wanting to clean! So I finished half a toy, put it down and thought to myself… Okay Rosilynn…. Now you have to clean.

So I gathered up the laundry, dragged it downstairs, put on a load and went back at my cleaning. Meanwhile, along the way I found numerous amounts of crafting supplies in various bags from Micheal’s, the dollar store and thrift stores. I came across the shelving I am going to be turning into the spice rack, which by the way is coming along quite slowly, and many other things. Piling them on top of the desk in my room. It seemed I was just moving all the mess to one place. So upon “cleaning” up the floor and making the bed and pretty much doing everything minus the vacuuming, I was feeling pretty good about getting it all done in one night. Especially since I was to head out Sunday afternoon to my sons grandparents place for the night and straight out with him Monday morning.

So you can imagine my surprise when I stood up and found this mound of crafting supplies that overflowed off the desk, onto the chair, and piled around the desk. With a huge sigh I proceeded to search for the perfect place to store these things until I was able to come around to them. I have this plastic cabinet that me and my ex used to keep all of our dvds in. Now that all that is left is mine, only the one shelf was left. So I crammed the stuff in there. Only to realize that while doing so, I was also taking out a large pile of unfinished projects. Scraps of crocheted bits here, glue there, random glitter bottle here, half container of Mod Podge there…. I really need some sort of organization system.

But yet again, once this stuff and store part of my evening was complete, I yet again sat on the bed and proceeded to crochet for a bit. Only to realize that I had been doing this for nearly 7 hours!! Time flew by so quickly it was 1 am! I glanced at the clock and looked at how much I had done with toys, looked at the pattern and figured  oh well maybe I can get another row done. 5 minutes later I had completed that and said the same thing over and over until I had completed another Patchy Patch! By this time it was now 2 AM, okay… now I need to go to bed… really.. I mean it this time… okay.. one more row. NO! NO! NO! Rosilynn you MUST go to bed!

And so as I laid in bed, trying to fall asleep, I found my thoughts drifting to the blog, then to the cabinet that is now stuffed with crafting materials needing me, calling me, and the toys that I need to complete very soon. How I can get this stuff all organized and how I really just need a room, or even a large closet that I can turn into a crafting room to make this all easier. I even dreamed about moving to a place where I could have my own crafting room! So I awoke with the realization that I, Rosilynn, am a crafting addict! And I do not intend to quit this habit. I simply won’t.

So how about you my fellow craft lovers, have you ever come to this realization, have you ever had those dreams? I know I am not the only one. So stand up, stand proud and shout it out loud to crafters alike!

Cheers to you my friends!


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