Upcycled Wine Corks – Corkboard

Feb27 621

We drink it to relax after a long tense day, we drink it to celebrate a reunion or beginning of a union, we sip it, we gulp it, we cook it. You know what I’m talking about! WINE! Red, white, old and new, no matter your preference I am sure you are all to familiar with these little things that are a pain to get out of the bottle if you don’t have the right tools.

But when you have opened the bottle and poured the wine into the nice decanter you were given who knows how long ago, what do we do with the corks? Throw them away? Save them for a rainy day, where they end up bagged and hidden in the catch-all drawer or in a dingy box in the damp dark cellar. Well… now you can pull out those bags of corks and upcycle them into something new, something useful and creative! And I’m about to show you how!

What you will need:

  • Corks, and lots of them! (If you don’t have enough make a post on your local Freecycle board and I’m sure someone else will be happy to help you out! It’s where I got mine from 🙂 )
  • An old frame of any size (just remember, the bigger the frame the more corks you will need)
  • Glue gun
  • Exacto knife


Sounds pretty simple eh? (Yes I just said eh… yes… I am a Canadian through and through) Well it is! So let’s get started.

I am using a small 8×10 frame, which I found at one of my favorite craft shops… THE THRIFT STORE!

It used to be just plain light brown wood, I spruced it up with a little black acrylic paint


I took some sand paper to it to make it look distressed. I just like the look of rustic distressed wood.

Replace the backing of the frame, without the glass.

Now gather your corks and figure out a pattern!

CAM00244 Feb27 623

Here is a couple different patterns, I am using the one on the right. (The frame in these pictures is different, I am planning on adding these to my Etsy shop and this frame is going to be wonderful to use as a model)

Now that you have figured out how you want your cork board to look, get gluing!

Try to make them as close as possible, depending on the pattern you are using and the size of your corks you may have to cut them. I used an exacto knife for this, strong scissors might do just the same, but I figured I would save my hands.


Once everything is all glued down, cut away the remaining stringy areas that get left behind by the glue gun. Then hang it, stand it, put magnets on the back and put it on the fridge. Display it anywhere you wish in any fashion. But enjoy your quick and easy creation on a daily basis!

CAM00269 CAM00270



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