“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” -Pablo Picasso

I know that I have already told the story of how this all came to be. How I made a toy for my son and a simple share of the picture on Facebook boomed into a lot of interest. It is pretty evident that I draw a lot of my inspiration from my son. But today I realized it more than ever.

You see, when I was younger I was in love with creativity. I dove right into all the art courses I could while in high school, be it material arts, or dance. I dreamed of moving to the USA and attending Julliard, or even becoming and interior designer. Everything I did I had a constant eye out for things that I could create, or projects I could pick up. I soon got into a bad relationship, yes I know…insert sad story here… I wont go into details but I was right out of high school, my dreams got pushed behind me and I no longer had that drive. For 8 years I continued like this, living day in and out just moseying along.

It wasn’t until I had this little guy in my life that I felt that spark once again. It was a time to share my passion with my son, I began to scrapbook again, to preserve the memories of our lives together, of the fun times, the down times, and just the lazy days. He gave me the drive to create again and I love him for that and much, much more!

But back to where I was going with this, as my son grows older he is showing more interest in colors, art and all the things I hold dear. It wasn’t until today, while at our weekly play group, that he ran to the arts table and sat down. I grabbed him a blank piece of paper, placed it on the table and went about grabbing other things for him to use. It was the first time he showed a deep interest in the materials he was using, instead of using what was in front of him he came with me to the buckets with an expression I knew all too well. With an “Oh WOW!” He began to grab at pom poms, doilies, Popsicle sticks and more. Runs back to the table, points at the other tiny chair beside him and demands me to “Sit”. So I do of course.

And as I sat there awkwardly trying to fit on this tiny chair made for toddlers, I caught a glimpse of something in him. He was excited about the colors, excited about art, excited to create!




And even as I type  this out now it brings a small tear to my eye, be it just a mother watching her son grow, or whether it be an artistic person watching their passion be passed on to someone else, it strikes a chord in my heart. Just watching him pay so much attention to the “detail” of his work.







So I ask all you fellow creators, crafters, artists, and mother and fathers, is it just me? Or is it just a wonderful thing to see that when you are lacking you inspiration, that you can always take a step back and look at your child, only to find in them the inspiration that you had once thought was lost. Only to see that you has only passed it on to them. We need to show them how to keep that passion and show them how to use it to push forward in all aspects of life.




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